Ms. Allyce Kureiya Esintele

Ms. Allyce Kureiya Esintele is a professional with many years of experience in the field of Education and Social Development. She has mainly worked among pastoralist communities in Kenya, Tanzania and the wider East African Region. Her main areas of focus are Education Development (Quality Enhancement, Access, Retention, Completion and Transition, with particular focus to Access for Pastoralist Communities and the Pastoralist Girl-Child), Governance (Gender Equity, Women Empowerment and Leadership), Improvement of Pastoralist Livelihoods, Conflict Management and Peace Promotion. Allyce is a graduate of Kenyatta University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and Post-Graduate Studies in Governance and Democracy – Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA, and Management and Leadership - Inwent Institute, Bonn Germany. She is currently a member of Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee and chairs its Finance and Institutional Development Committee.

She started her career in development work in 1992 with GTZ, a German Bilateral Technical Assistance Programme, based in the then Marsabit District, Northern Kenya. She was mainly responsible for performance improvement in the sectors of education and health, and was also charged with ensuring gender mainstreaming through all the activities of the programme. She later on became the Deputy Team Leader of the entire programme.

Allyce joined the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) in 2000, first as a Programme Manager for a women’s empowerment programme, and later as the Portfolio Coordinator responsible for a team of professionals in Field Offices based in Turkana and Nairobi. She later worked in an international position as a Senior Education and Governance Advisor in SNV Tanzania, based in Arusha. She has also worked as a Consultant for Development Organizations and the Public Sector.

In Addition, Allyce was a delegate to the Constitutional Conference on the Review of the Constitution of Kenya at Bomas, and as an employee of an international development organization (SNV), she played a key role in mobilizing the civil society in lobbying and advocating for the provisions on human rights, gender equity and affirmative action for women and marginalized groups in the constitution.
Allyce has published various articles in Social Development Journals, including a Booklet - Pacifying the Valley – Peace Building and Conflict Transformation in the Kerio Valley.