3rd County Secretaries Meeting was undertaken on 12th March 2019

As a legal requirement, the IGTRC convened the first meeting of forty seven county secretaries on 28th October 2015 at Safari Park Hotel Nairobi to;

  1. Share experiences in the implementation of devolution,
  2. Identify challenges that may have slowed county governments in delivery of service,
  3. Explore ways that IGRTC was to assist in addressing the challenges identified,
  4. Provide a forum for networking and
  5. Introduce the members of IGRTC to County Secretaries.

The meeting resolved to undertake the following as a way forward:

  1. To be holding intergovernmental forums frequently to discuss the issues as they arise.
  2. Identify areas that create synergy enabling Pooling of resources by counties thus benefiting from economies of scale, for example, in developing county and drafting of legislation.
  3. The chair of Intergovernmental Relations Committee in the Council of Governors to convene a meeting of the Committee with the secretaries to address issues affecting the county secretaries and governors with the chair of county secretaries’ forum making a follow up.
  4. A capacity building programme for county secretaries be developed to enable them deliver on their functions
  5. County secretaries to develop policies and systems to enable them deliver on their functions.
  6. The IGRTC to follow up on issues within their mandate with other government institutions for resolution.
  7. The IGRTC and the county secretaries to ensure they follow the Constitution and all other relevant laws when discharging their functions.
  8. The chair of the county secretaries’ forum to provide more details on the issues raised (in facts and figures) to enable the IGRTC to follow up. This will enable IGRTC to have facts to present in supporting their case before the Summit and Council of Governors.
  9. The recommendations and resolutions to be submitted to the COG and the Summit by the IGRTC.