Functions of IGRTC

The Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee (IGRTC) is established under Section 11 of the Intergovernmental Relations Act, no. 2 of 2012. Members (who were introduced to the meeting), were appointed vide Gazette Notice No. 879 of 13th February 2015 following approval by the National and County Government Coordinating Summit. The Committee was officially launched by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Devolution and Planning on 4th March, 2015.

The Chairman outlined the functions of the Committee which include:
a) Being responsible for the day to day administration of the Summit and of the Council by facilitating activities of the Summit and Council of Governors and implementing the decisions made;
b) Taking over the residual functions of the Transition Authority upon it dissolution;
c) Convening a meeting of the forty-seven County Secretaries within thirty days preceding every Summit meeting.
d) Performing any other function as may be conferred on it by the Summit, the Council, the intergovernmental Relations Act or any other legislation.

IGRTC has the responsibilities in ensuring harmonious relations by creating an environment for regular consultation and cooperation between the National Government and County Governments; and between different county governments. To be able to deliver its mandate, the IGRTC is legally mandated to establish intergovernmental sector forums